We ❤️  American Made!!
Rachael T. McKee  |  June 27, 2018

We ❤️ American Made!!

I seems that over the years our love for our own American made goods may be on the decline. Our affair with our independence and American ingenuity has wavered in the face of globalization, mass consumption (aka wanting more for less) and technological changes. But, it’s more than just love lost! There are a lot of amazing benefits to purchasing American made. 

In the spirit of spreading the good word, here are our favorite reasons to love on American made!

1️⃣  Jobs Make More jobs 

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI)  estimates that for every one American manufacturing job, another 1.4 jobs are created in the local community. That means when one person gets that manufacturing job it stimulates another 1.4 jobs openings in the area. Jobs creating jobs. We love this.

2️⃣  Less Travel = Lower Carbon Footprint

Products made here don’t have to travel great distances to reach you. Until we make strides in sustainable transport, local and domestic products have much lower carbon footprints with their reduced emissions and greenhouse gases. American made products also require less packaging to ship across the country. Internationally produced products have to be packed with a TON of non-recyclable plastics to keep up with customs standards and protect them from damage and moisture during the long trips overseas.

3️⃣  New Wave Handcrafted & Artisan Made American Products are Awesome

American made used to be defined by large factory manufacturing that employed mass numbers of workers to crank out a standardized product, but this new trend of artisan American made goods are often small batch and well designed. In this era, we get to directly support our communities and economy by having an intimate consumer relationship with smaller companies that match our values and style.

4️⃣  Better Safety and Environmental Regulations than Abroad

Most of our products are produced in developing nations, which often have lax restrictions on chemical uses and disposal, labor laws and other practices that are detrimental to people and planet. We may not have achieved production perfection, but we often have far stricter regulations that protect our workers and environment than other parts of the world.

5️⃣  We’re Outsourcing our Pollution, Not Just Jobs

Out of sight. Out of mind. The Journal of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that the U.S. has effectively “outsourced” much of its air pollution to China, where more than 33% of sulfur dioxide emissions and around 25% of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide come from the production of goods for export. If we can’t see what detrimental effects our consumption is having, we’re unlikely to make the changes needed to fix the problem.

6️⃣  American Made Transcends Politics and Empowers us to Change our Country

When we support American made we support our economy which reduces poverty, increases opportunities, safety, education and much more. We all share the desire to have these basic needs met for ourselves and our fellow human. We are united in these goals, and we are united in our ability to create these changes. In this day and age, we’ll take all the unity and empowerment we can get!

We love that purchasing American Made directly reaches out to our neighbors and communities - uplifting them and in turn improving our lives. Plus, we get to buy something amazing, so win-win!

We’re rekindling our relationship with American Made, and we’re here to help you do the same. Some of our favorite Wonderful Things are American Made. Check out our latest loves here - America Made Faves  ❤️ 🇺🇸

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