Ground Down and Let Go : 6 Yoga Poses to Embody the Energy of Spring
Alyson Blair de Recat  |  June 27, 2018

Ground Down and Let Go : 6 Yoga Poses to Embody the Energy of Spring

“We may not always have the power to control what shows up at our door, but we always, always always have the power to decide what stays and what goes” -Cleo Wade, Heart Talk

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never felt more ready for a spring purge. It’s time to shake off winter and everything that’s been weighing us down. 

The Spring Equinox Fairies (that's a thing right?) have been blessing me with little lessons and gifts over the last few weeks and I've been doing some serious cleanup and boundary setting to make space for the season of creativity and pleasure ahead. 

Just as nature is starting to reawaken, there is a ripe creative energy within us, ready to be stirred up and tended to. By energetically clearing out the winter gunk, we can make space for authentic connection with self. Spring is a beautiful time to drop into the lower half of our body and re-awaken our second chakra (svahistana); our womb space. The second chakra is deeply feminine, the element is water and the color is orange. You can use the visualization of water or the color orange throughout your practice to send intention and love to your creative center. 

Here are 6 yoga poses to aid in the transition to Spring. We'll explore detoxifying twists, play with balance and simultaneously ground down and embody the energy of mother earth. 

Deviasana | Goddess - Press the four corners of your feet into the earth below you and as you drop into your Goddess pose, send breath to the base of your spine. From there, direct energy and intention up to your second chakra (at the center of your pelvis)  and feel the soft, nourishing expansiveness of this grounding pose. Affirmation: I am strong AND soft. 

Parivritta Prasarita Padottanasana | Rotated Wide Legged Forward Fold - As you open up into this pose, extend your arm up, level your hips and use your breath to slowly deepen your twist. Visualize the lines of energy that are being created by your shape as you stay grounded to the earth, connected to your breath and open with your heart. Affirmation: Heart, lead the way.

Virabhadrasana III | Warrior III -  As you transition into Warrior III, slow your breath and stay present in the balance. Inhale and imagine all of the new creative upward moving energy, rising up within you and as you. As you exhale, send the energy of your past downward and out - give it back to the earth. Extending one foot back and both arms forward, you are grounded and centered in the present moment. Affirmation: I honor my past and move forward with clarity into my future. 

Malasana | Squat - Dropping down into your Malasana Squat, connect to your second chakra with your breath. Visualize your breath as water and let it wash over and nourish your pelvis. Close your eyes, press your palms together, elbows into knees and with a long spine, stay active through your feet. Breathe slowly. Tip: If your feet aren't flat on the earth, try a blanket underneath your heels or a block underneath your seat. Affirmation: I am supported by the earth.  

Arda Matsyendrasana | Seated Spinal Twist - Press both sit bones into the earth and keep you spine long. In this moment, imagine yourself as the most authentic version of you. Gaze over your shoulder and feel rooted in your center. As you twist into the pose, use your breath to guide yourself deeper. Affirmation: I am grounded and open to new possibilities. 

Parivritta Janushirshasana | Rotated Head to Knee - After you open up and shine your chest brightly up towards the sky, send breath from the base of your spine all the way up and out your finger tips. Lengthen your side bodies and twist open. As you rotate, you are increasing circulation to the liver and pancreas and aiding the digestive process. Hello spring cleaning! Affirmation: I am bright and brilliant!

You can do these poses in sequence or pepper them into your own flow. As you move, check in and invite the essence of spring into your practice. Whatever's been weighing you down - whether it be a relationship, work, fears, anxieties or just a closet full of old clothes - acknowledge it, say hello and goodbye. You have the power to let it go!

Go forth with creative energy!

❤️ Alyson de Recat

Originally from California, Alyson has made Boulder, CO her home and community. She is a private yoga instructor and full-spectrum doula who is passionate about supporting and empowering individuals throughout their life journey. Her mission is to hold space for others to uncover their own divinity and celebrate the sacredness in all of us. 

Find her at:

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