5 of the Best Dog & Puppy Instagram Accounts to Brighten Your Day
Edy Guy  |  October 25, 2019

5 of the Best Dog & Puppy Instagram Accounts to Brighten Your Day

If you follow us, you know we’re a little bit puppy obsessed. Not only are they humans’ best friends, for a million different reasons, they’re the cutest things on the planet. We’ll apologize for the distraction ahead of time but, you’ll thank us later for this roundup of happiness-inducing pups.


This 2-year-old babe is a "professional sleeper and shoe stealer" living in Toronto.


When you need a baby canine creature fix. Puppies in sunglasses. Puppies with hats on. Puppies chewing on tables (a personal favorite).


We love to follow along with this border collie mix, and all the adventures he has around some of the most beautiful parts of Colorado (our backyard!  🙏🏼 ). If you love mountains, dogs and lakes this is the account for you!


It's pretty easy to see why we adore Logan. He's got one of the most gorgeous and unique coats you'll ever see and he's a mix of two of our faves - Aussie and German shepherd.  ❤️


There are some really key pics in here of dogs loving on other dogs. It's pretty heartbreaking in the best of ways.

Other faves? Let us know at hello@wonderfulthings.com!!! Also, stay tuned for a new project from the team at Wonderful Things. It's called Woof! You can sign up for when we launch at www.mywoof.com

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