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Our purchases shape our world. That's why we made Wonderful Things - a place with amazing products and lifestyle tips to make our world a little more wonderful. All the items curated here are sustainably, ethically, or American made, and the content we promote inspires good living.

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The Team

Wonderful Things is powered by a team of sustainable lifestyle experts, researchers and enthusiasts. We know that time is your most valuable resource. We’re here to make it easy to live a healthy and inspired life, while postively impacting your world.

Rachael is our creative director and chief visionary. She uses her 15 plus years of experience designing and vetting ethical health, beauty & fashion brands to curate all of the amazing products that bring Wonderful Things to life. Rachael believes in the positive power of healthy consumerism and raising the bar with our actions to better the world at large.

Rachael McKee

CEO, Founder

creative director, lead curator, co-founder

Daniel heads the technical team that makes Wonderful Things tick. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science, and has participated in several sustainability projects including an around the world foot race for clean drinking water and a woodworking company that upcycled commerical cutoffs. Daniel believes in using design to make the world a better, more inspiring place.

Daniel Haarburger

CTO, Co-Founder

lead designer, engineer, co-founder

Certifications Index

  • Sustainably Made

    Sustainably made products divert waste from oceans and landfills and reduce toxic chemical use. When you purchase sustainable goods you are directly investing in your well being, the health of all living things, and the mission of environmental preservation.

  • Ethically Made

    Ethically made production safeguards humane working conditions (voluntary, appropriately aged and well paid), while reducing global poverty. These products support the people that create them by providing healthy working environments and sustainable wages.

  • American Made

    Products made in America save and create jobs, while stabilizing our economy. For every one american manufacturing job another 1.4 jobs are created in the local workforce. Plus American made products naturally have a lower carbon footprint than goods made overseas because of reduced shipping distances.

  • Reduce and Reuse

    Reusable products lessen our reliance on single use items that end up in landfills or loose in the environment. Purchasing reusable products is one of the simplest ways to reduce waste - by not creating it in the first place.

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